Metro Projects

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Metro’s Rail Safety Ambassadors Program Video: APTA honors Metro in 2013 for its program using former operators and other employees who now who serve as safety ambassadors to the public near rail platforms throughout Metro’s rail network.

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ExpressLanes: The saga of Jason, a frustrated commuter who awakens each day to morning radio DJ Marty delivering the traffic report, finds satisfaction after he gets his Fastrak and gets to work on time, whizzing past the gridlock. Part of the launch of Metro’s Expresslanes program in SoCal.

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Metro EMS_6

Metro EMS Awareness Video: Metro’s commitment to good environmental practices in this award-winning video and effort to involve all Metro employees.

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rail safety2

Metro Gold Line Eastside Extension Rail Safety Video: 10 short tales dramatizing consequences of risky behavior around trains. Music by LACSHA music scoring class. Shown in mobile theatre as well as web; Bilingual PSA’s were also part of the package.

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Go Metro Spots: Two examples here include 1) the Latino Festival with Edward James Olmos and 2) three members of the Clippers, Sparks and Kings promote the Silver Line at the Staples Center.

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Transit courtTransit Court Tutorial and spots: Animation spices up this online tutorial for violators of the Customer Code of Conduct. Triplane brought in collaborators Producto Studios for animation and Two Steps Ahead for the tutorial. Five spots were created from the 15 animated segments within the tutorial.

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We are metro1

We Are Metro: Originally conceived for new hires, this became an Identity Video showing the wide range of metro’s commitment to SoCal’s transportation networks highlighting the people who work for the agency.

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